Ashley B.

During the 70’s Jeff and Abbie Rapport were sales reps for several major jewelry companies; Abbie had quite an eye for the exciting design and fashion areas of the business while Jeff concentrated on the logistical parts. Major department stores such as Saks, Neiman Marcus, I Magnin, Bullocks, Robinson’s and May Company looked to Jeff and Abbie’s expertise in item selection and merchandising.

Jeff and Abbie discovered a niche for high quality, trendy and affordable fashion jewelry that they could design and bring to the consumer. In 1978 they took a chance and opened their very own company, Key Item Sales, Inc.  Soon after they decided on their own brand name, “Ashley B.,” chosen because of their two sons Andrew and Brandon (who were both supposed to be girls named Ashley and Breanne).

Over the last 20 years, the Ashley B. brand has evolved into a company division creating, manufacturing and distributing wildly popular fashion jewelry mega-hits such as Bandz bracelets, Multitudes bracelets, Symbology, Wristwraps and more. Millions of women have enjoyed Ashley B. jewelry over the years and another generation of fashion forward, value minded women are following the tradition.

Ashley B. jewelry is always unique and trendy, but especially inspired. We know that you will enjoy giving and receiving all of the jewelry in the Ashley B. family of brands.