Birthstone Brats

Birthstone Brats, the Perfectly Personalized GiftIn 1994, Abbie Rapport (always a last minute shopper)  was looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to give her Mother-in-law Lenny on the following day.   The grandma rings and grandchild charm bracelets all caught her eye and she was certain that Grandma Lenny would love personalized jewelry that showed off her grandchildren.  Sadly the grandmother gifts had to be special ordered and would take several weeks to receive.

It was then that Abbie decided to design her own line of unique birthstone jewelry for mothers and grandmothers that could be personalized quickly and easily – just select the birthstone charms, add a few spacer beads and slide on a necklace chain.  A perfectly personalized gift in a snap!  Little did anyone know that Abbie’s frustration would lead to one of the jewelry industry’s biggest successes,  Birthstone Brats®.

By the time the following Mother’s Day rolled around, thousands of Department stores, gift stores and other retailers were selling as many of our birthstone charms as they could get their hands on.  For several years Birthstone Brats® continued to be athe most popular gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmas, and even dog and cat owners.

All these years later, Birthstone Brats® are still among the most popular and most loved items we make.