Photo Jewelry Help


Ah, the burning question, “How do I make my pictures so small?”  Don’t worry, it’s easy!

The EZ Fit Photo Reduction System allows you to upload digital images and crop them to fit in any style of Memory Maker photo jewelry or Memory Maker photo accessory. There’s no guess work – it doesn’t matter how you choose to crop your photo, it will magically shrink to fit your photo jewelry perfectly.

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Shrink your photos with EZ Fit

EZ Fit is a completely free service made available by the good folks at Memory Maker.  Print your Memory Maker jewelry photos in a snap from the convenience of your own home, any time of day!  You can also access EZ Fit at

Please note: The EZ Fit Photo Reduction System is no longer compatible to Internet Explorer version 6. If you using an older browser and are unable to upgrade please contact us at (800) 746-7666 so we may assist you.