Photo Jewelry That Captures Your Memories

Posted on 30. Oct, 2010 in Featured


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Imagine transforming your pictures into jewelry! Photo jewelry is a beautiful combination of style and sentiment, it’s the perfect gift or your own little treasure. Our affordable photo bracelets, photo necklaces and fun photo accessories are simple to make and easy to love.

Why keep photos hidden in albums or stuck in the camera when you can wear and share them every day? With Memory Maker you can create a personalized photo keepsake that will delight your family and friends. The pictures in your photo jewelry are not permanently sealed making it easy to change or update pictures any time.

Photo jewelry is easy to make, the hardest part is choosing your favorite photos! Use our free online photo shrinker and print at home or we’ll do everything for you. Check out these helpful links to set your mind at ease:

[?] How to make photo jewelry
[?] How do I shrink and crop my pictures?
[?] All photo jewelry help topics
[?] Oh please, do this for me!

Choose from a wide variety of styles in each category:

Memory Maker Stretch Photo Bracelet

Memory Maker Sterling Silver Photo Bracelets Memory Maker Photo Watch Memory Maker Photo Charm Bracelets
Stretch Photo Bracelets Sterling Silver Bracelets Photo Watches Photo Charm Bracelets
Memory Maker Photo Charm Bracelets Memory Maker themed photo bracelets Memory Maker add on photo chamrs Memory Maker photo book mark
Link Photo Bracelets Themed Photo Bracelets Add On Photo Charms Photo Book Marks
Memory Maker Photo Necklaces Memory Maker Photo Necklaces Photo Bracelet On Stretchy Ribbon photo-bandz-bracelets3
Photo Necklaces Heart Photo Necklaces Ribbon Photo Bracelets Colorful Photo Bandz
Beaded Photo Charms Photo Key Chains Photo Badge or Eyeglass Holder Photo Pin or Ornament
Beaded Photo Charms Photo Key Chains Photo Badge/Glass Holder Photo Pin or Ornament

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