Birthstone Jewelry Is A Great Gift For Mom!

Posted on 20. Apr, 2010 in Gift Ideas, Product Updates


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At every opportunity Moms and Grandmas love to tell the world how proud they are of  their family.  And rightly so, they’ve earned it!

Birthstone jewelry is a special way to celebrate your children and grandchildren. When creating a family necklace you represent each child, or grandchild, with their own birthstone charm.  Not just a fashionable way to show off your family, a birthstone charm necklace is a keepsake that will be loved and will last for years to come.

Birthstone Brats® are boy and girl birthstone charms that are are set with genuine crystal to match the month when each child was born.  Charms feature 6 crystal birthstones in the body as well as a faceted clear crystal stone for the face.  Birthstone Brats® charms, chains and spacer beads are available in your choice of gold tone or silver tone.

Making personalized birthstone jewelry for Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend or Grandma is quick and affordable.  Simply choose from boy or girl charms and select their birthstone.  Then add the birthstone charms to one of our chains, add a few spacer beads between the charms and you’re all set!

Each of our chains comes gift boxed with two free spacer beads to get you started.  Another special feature is that the length of our chain can be quickly customized.  The ball bead chain starts at 30″ and can be easily cut with scissors to shorten to the length that works best for you.

Crystal Birthstones Colors By Month:
January Birthstone is Garnet
February Birthstone is Amethyst
March Birthstone is Aquamarine
April Birthstone is Clear Crystal
May Birthstone is Emerald
June Birthstone is Alexandrite
July Birthstone is Ruby
August Birthstone is Peridot
September Birthstone is Sapphire
October Birthstone is Rose Zircon
November Birthstone is Topaz
December Birthstone is Blue Zircon

Birthstone jewelry is an ideal gift for Mothers’ Day or any special occasion!

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