Threadz Bracelets With A Word Bead That Flips!

Posted on 16. Feb, 2010 in New Stuff, Product Updates

threadz-flipz If you like our Bandz bracelets you’ll love these!  Threadz bracelets are similar to Bandz, but the stretch elastic is really skinny like (you guessed it) thread.  Plus, this sturdy stretch bracelet is also adjustable so it can be customized to fit you perfectly.

Threadz bracelets come in different varieties, including Initials and Jewels, but we call these “Flips“.  Each bracelet features an engraved bead with fun and inspirational word combinations, one word on each side.

Choose from five elastic colors: Black, Kiwi Green, Aqua, Fuchsia and Grape.  Fun to mix and match!

Threadz Flips bracelets are available in 12 word combinations:

  • Wish and Dreamadjustable-threadz2
  • Achieve and Imagine
  • Sing and Laugh
  • Hope and Miracles
  • Kindness and Peace
  • Live and Love
  • Courage and Strength
  • Faith and Blessed
  • Patience and Wisdom
  • Dare and Become
  • Celebrate and Shine
  • Believe and Trust

Click to see all styles now!

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