Save 50% on Bandz bracelets with fun phrases

Posted on 28. Apr, 2011 in Deal Of The Day, Promotions

Bandz bracelets for fun

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Some days you just need to laugh! Choose from nine styles of Bandz bracelets with funny phrases that will make you smile all day long.  Save 50% while supplies last.

This collection of Bandz bracelets has a reversible silver plaque with engraved funny sentiment.  All styles are made with comfortable stretchy black elastic.

Choose from these fun bracelet styles:

  • 50% Brat, 50% Princess
  • Mostly angel, a lil’ devil
  • Nobody notices what I do until I don’t do it
  • I’ve had it with reality, I need a fairy godmother
  • I’m still HOT, it just comes in flashes now
  • You can’t scare me, I have children!
  • As a matter of fact the world does revolve around me
  • Blonde hair, brunette brains… I’ve got it all!
  • Looks, brains, personality…I’d date me!
  • If you’re not good looking…you’d better be rich!
  • I see dumb people all the time
  • Hot, sexy, single, happy
  • Call me…I’ll call you

Regular Price:  $6.00
Deal Price: $3.00
Save 50%!

Bandz bracelets are also available in a wide variety of  inspirational and motivational sayings plus cool shapes. Click here to see all Bandz bracelets.

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